Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Musician

Like most babies, Oliver loves to make music. But because Jay has been playing his guitar to Oliver since we brought him home, I think he is developing a special affinity for music and musical instruments. I can have Oliver in another part of the house and if he hears his Dada playing the piano or guitar, he'll want to go find it to sit, watch and listen. He also especially loves to listen to his big sister sing and watch his Papa Bear play the drums on Wednesday nights. What a lucky kid to be surrounded by so many musically talented people.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bath Time

I can't believe how fast Oliver is growing. He pulled himself up onto the side of the tub this morning after his bath. He's going to hate these photos when he's older. But, isn't that bottom just adorable??

Nicole Miller

I just discovered this photographer from here. Her work is just beautiful.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Lowell Farms

I was able to tour a rice farm in Lavaca County last week while in Edna, Texas for a Regional Water Planning Group meeting. L.G. Raun (one of the planning group members) gave me a full tour of his operation including the fields, pumps houses and irrigation canals. Then I got to ride on a state of the art combine. It was so serene in the combine as it rumbled over the fields at about 1.5 mph. These birds are waiting for the grasshoppers in the rice as it is being harvested. L.G. told me that the harvest this year was a record breaker. The lack of rain and abundant sunshine meant the rice was healthy, happy and pest free. Of course, they irrigate the fields with water brought up by huge well pumps. I gained a lot of respect for the work that farmers do and think it is a shame that they operate with such small profit margins. The trip also made me think about how important spending that extra dollar or two is to ensure that organic agriculture continues to grow and thrive.