Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He Likes Peas

Oliver has been eating solids now for about two months. He started out with rice cereal and breastmilk, then graduated to mashed sweet potatoes. Since then he has had apples, pears, plums, carrots, bananas, and butternut squash. Yesterday, he finally ate some peas mixed with sweet potatoes. I was so proud of him!

I've been making his baby food myself and then freezing it. It is super easy and inexpensive. I also like knowing exactly what he is eating. Having the food frozen in portions makes getting his meals ready for school in the morning so convenient.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tables Again

I love this room. It's from this post. There is something about large scale tables and bentwood chairs that really appeals to me - and then there is the starkness of the room. I love the bare window and floors. You can just see the echo in the room. However, I'm not so sure this really works in our home. A large table just doesn't seem comfortable with our small family. We'll be searching for a new table soon that is more intimate, but I'm not sure I want to give up on the bentwood and black finishes.

I also posted about stools for the kitchen >here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


These are just so amazing. I love Rob Ryan. Clothkits from the UK was popular in the 70's and they recently relaunched the brand. These skirt kits would make such a great gift for a sewer. The kids clothes kits are really cute, too.

Happy Father's Day

We had a great time last weekend celebrating Father's Day. It included mimosas in bed, homemade breakfast tacos, cards and gifts (Quinn put together the sweetest photo collage of her and Oliver), a trip out for lantanas, bulbines, and a firebush for the front yard, and then meeting up with friends at the Salt Lick. We got home after a full day and Jay still wanted to plant everything, so he dug while I unpotted. It was a fun, hot, sweaty, really great day! Of course it was celebrated with plenty of Lonestar and Tecate.

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Da Da!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thoughts (mostly Questions) on Motherhood

This morning after leaving Oliver in his classroom at Rosewood, I saw a new mother sitting at the entrance to the daycare with her infant daughter. She was reading through the enrollment materials. Her face was drawn, slightly tired, definitely apprehensive and a little sad. I think I looked exactly the same way the first time I visited Rosewood. The thought of leaving Oliver in someone else's care for most of the day seemed unbearable.

However, my mood that morning was happy- I was bouncing out of the center looking forward to finishing up some things at work. The contrast really struck me.

Then I wondered, how did my feelings change so drastically? Was it seeing Oliver thrive while at daycare? Was it the amount of freedom daycare afforded me? If I say yes to the first question I feel like a good mom. If I say yes to the second, then I feel guilty. Is it okay to enjoy a few hours each day away from our children - even knowing those hours are necessary?

What happened between that first day, dropping him off at daycare and crying on the way to my office, and this morning, looking forward to my day knowing that I would see him at lunch to nurse and then again after work?

Will this process of separation repeat itself for the rest of his life?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Pants

A while back at Torchy's Tacos, I saw the cutest little boy in homemade yellow pants. I decided then that I wanted Oliver to wear homemade pants too. He has been growing out of clothes so quickly, and most baby clothes are cut for disposable diapers, so finding good fitting shorts and pants has been a challenge. Making some especially for him seemed like a great idea.

The ones above are made from a madras fabric I bought at Hancock. But then I decided to just find fabric around the house. Each pair takes about 3/4 of a yard. These are from the bottom of some pajama pants that Jay cut off a few months ago.

These were made from one of Jay's vintage western shirts. They are my favorite so far. I placed the pattern on the shirt so that I could use the chest pockets for back pockets on the pants. (This photo is also the first time Oliver has supported himself on all fours!!)
After making a couple of pair, I got tired of finishing the edges with a zig zag stitch, so these are finished with french seams, except for the crotch. After they were cut, I added a little bit of contrasting fabric along the waistband to lengthen the rise. This made more room for his diaper. The others have been a little tight. (Sorry for the blurry pic)

I found another shirt yesterday that I'll turn into pants this weekend. It has been so much fun to repurpose old clothes for Oliver, and he just looks so cute in them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TWDB* Girl's Weekend

My coworker Wendy hosted the second annual Girl's Weekend at her family's ranch outside of Llano, near Castell. We spent the entire day Saturday lounging in the river, relaxing, chatting and enjoying the water and sun.

Sharing the river with the cattle (we stayed upstream).

I was one very relaxed momma after that weekend.
*TWDB = Texas Water Development Board