Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shopping for Entertainment

Something I like to do is browse design blogs. Many of these blogs feature items that are absolutely beautiful to look at and are usually very expensive. Now, this is just window shopping as well as admiring the work of many different artists. But, every now and then an affordable piece of clothing or a handbag or poster will be featured, and for some reason i convince myself that i have to have it. Not sure why. If i insist on admiring and browsing these blogs, i should do so without a credit card - damn PayPal!!! Thought i'd share some of my latest purchases. Unnecessary, but beautiful all the same:

This pillow from Lena Corwin. I first saw it here and my heart skipped a beat. $60

These jeans from Rare Device. They fit beautifully and I did need a new pair of jeans. $90

A print from Eleanor Grosch for my new place. I still need to frame it. $40

Of the art/design blogs that I read, the one that I can always expect to see something new and helps me to appreciate good clean design is this one. Plus, she has amazing taste in shoes.

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ShannonJay said...

how does one determine when they need a new pair of jeans?