Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Loving Diaper Laundry

One of my favorite mom bloggers Amalah writes about cloth diapering here. I feel the same. I've loved using our bumGenius diapers. We never have to run to the store for diapers and I love Oliver's fat squishy behind. And then there are the environmental and health benefits -there's some nasty stuff in conventional disposables. I just can't stand the thought of chucking all of that paper, plastic and polyacrylamide gel into our local landfill every single day for the next 2+ years.

With the cloth diapers we've had a few issues with wicking and diaper rash, but nothing insurmountable. Mostly minor annoyances. Jay has expressed concern over the stiff Velcro strip at the waist confining Oliver's mobility (i.e. toe touching). I've adjusted how I secure the diapers to allow more room in the waist. Seems to be working so far. Only time will tell...

I really want to try out the FuzziBunz- those bright colors are so cute and the snap system might solve the issue with the Velcro strip. Now, we just need a nice big refund check to make that happen.

(Update: Just discovered that bumGenius makes an organic cotton one-size all-in-one with snaps! The reviews look promising. The ones we use are micro-fleece with micro-fiber inserts. I would much rather use organic cotton and not have to deal with stuffing inserts.)

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