Monday, February 22, 2010

Stroller Shopping

We have yet to buy a stroller. Oliver is getting big enough and I am getting pregnant enough where I can't carry him everywhere, even in the Ergo. So, I've been shopping around online for something that we can use this summer with Oliver and later with the new baby when he/she is also too big to wear. So far, the Baby Jogger City Mini is my favorite option - it is reasonably priced (<$250), got great reviews and has lots of available accessories, including a glider board for Oliver to ride on. This solves the need for a true double stroller - I was dreading one of those, so that makes me very happy.


Tara said...

We have the Baby Jogger city mini double and we love it. It is awesome. I would have bought the single had I needed it. To be honest with you, you will probably need a double. We use ours all of the time. It is gigantic and it feels like you are steering a boat.
The glider board is usually for 3 and up. It will be really hard for him to use it. You can look at the Phil & Teds since it can be a single or a tandem double, but to be honest it is a pain in the butt to fold and unfold and really heavy.

AngelaDean said...

Thanks for the advice. My plan was to have Oliver use it until he is almost three and I'll wear the new one until she's around 12 mo. (as long as I wore Oliver) and then Oliver goes on the board and the baby goes in the stroller.

They make some really awesome double strollers, it's just the prices that scare me off.

Tara said...

yeah, I wore Flynn in a sling for about a month and then I moved to the baby bjorn. I always had a sling in the stroller basket just in case. I do love our double.