Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Pants

A while back at Torchy's Tacos, I saw the cutest little boy in homemade yellow pants. I decided then that I wanted Oliver to wear homemade pants too. He has been growing out of clothes so quickly, and most baby clothes are cut for disposable diapers, so finding good fitting shorts and pants has been a challenge. Making some especially for him seemed like a great idea.

The ones above are made from a madras fabric I bought at Hancock. But then I decided to just find fabric around the house. Each pair takes about 3/4 of a yard. These are from the bottom of some pajama pants that Jay cut off a few months ago.

These were made from one of Jay's vintage western shirts. They are my favorite so far. I placed the pattern on the shirt so that I could use the chest pockets for back pockets on the pants. (This photo is also the first time Oliver has supported himself on all fours!!)
After making a couple of pair, I got tired of finishing the edges with a zig zag stitch, so these are finished with french seams, except for the crotch. After they were cut, I added a little bit of contrasting fabric along the waistband to lengthen the rise. This made more room for his diaper. The others have been a little tight. (Sorry for the blurry pic)

I found another shirt yesterday that I'll turn into pants this weekend. It has been so much fun to repurpose old clothes for Oliver, and he just looks so cute in them.


sjayk said...

that orange and blue button up is my favorite shirt of all time, hands down. i will be happy to see it live on as britches de oliver!

Tara said...

so cute. I love me some little pants. You are going to be so sad when he grows out of them!

Jennifah said...

Very nice job, and such a good little model! Thanks for sharing. :)