Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fashion Serendipity

Over the weekend, Jay, Quinn and I saw Land of the Lost at Tinseltown. Funny movie, freezing theater. And on the way out I saw this image of Marilyn Monroe among the wall of framed movie legends. I'm not really a fan but I love the dress she is wearing. Today while browsing blogs, I came across this post about this striped tee at French Connection. Random - too bad I don't do turtlenecks well. The buttons down the back are great.
I also just read about some other cute tops French Connection has on sale here.


Jennifah said...

That top is very cute! Turtlenecks bug me too though. I think they emphasize my long jaw line. I can actually picture you as a Monroe blond. Maybe start with a wig? :)

AngelaDean said...

My mom is a platinum blonde. I've always wondered what I would have looked like if I got her hair instead.