Tuesday, January 12, 2010

11 weeks

[Insert 6 week ultrasound photo here]

Well, that little bean post was about the status of Oliver and Quinn's youngest sibling. I'm pregnant again and am due in early August (I'm embarrassed to say that I can't quite remember whether the expected due date is the 6th or the 8th, but we all know that's just an estimate, right?).

I am excited and apprehensive about doing this a second time around. So far, I've been really queasy and exhausted. I am just starting to get some energy back and have had an urge to have everything around me organized. I'm really looking forward to nesting this time. We lived in a loft the first time and were planning to move a couple of weeks before Oliver was born, so I didn't get a chance to do any of that.

I just told a few coworkers today. It was nice to share  - walking around feeling like a zombie with nobody the wiser isn't much fun. I am waiting until after my second OB appointment on Thursday to make an official announcement at work. I just want to hear the hearbeat one more time.


Jennifah said...

How exciting! He or she might have the same birthday as Penelope!

AngelaDean said...

So, how was being super pregnant over the hot summer? Any advice?

Tara said...

Pregnant over the summer is awesome. Flip flops and sundresses all the time. Swimming is nice too.

Jay will be a father of THREE, gulp.

Jennifah said...

Tara is right. I am not sure why so many people told me how horrible being pregnant in the summer was going to be. Haven't they heard of air conditioners and swimming pools? haha.

Wearing flip flops and sundresses everyday totally beat having to bundle up in layers. Who wants layers when you already feel so big?

If I do it again, I hope it's in the summer.