Friday, January 15, 2010

14 Months

Oliver has made so many new accomplishments in the last month. He is now WALKING! It is just so cute to see him amble over to one of us for a hug or to go get a toy from the other side of the room. He especially likes to walk by himself from his classroom to the lobby of the daycare. Once there he seats himself at the table in one of the little blue chairs and plays with the trucks ('brrrm brrrm') until I say it's time to go home.

Other accomplishments include saying papa (meaning food), dada, mama, bye bye, night night (a sweet little high pitched 'nigh nigh', then blows kisses), bear (beh), ball (ba), and sister (si-tah). He is also particular about where things go. Like his water bottle -things aren't right until it is in the holder thingy that keeps it off the floor. I can see how he enjoys structure and repetition. Bedtime has started to become the exact same routine every night, mostly led by Oliver.

Oh, I can't wait to see what he does next. His personality is really starting to shine through and I love it - getting to know this little guy better everyday.

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