Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ikea Rugs and Nesting

I've been thinking about rugs lately - our living room really needs something other than that sad little brown rug. I have that nesting thing going on where I spend way too much energy making plans for the house in my head. I'm convinced that nesting is a mechanism to remove annoyances since I'm kinda touchy lately. For example, I have been compulsively straightening the house, being a maniac about the laundry, wiping down baseboards (????) and making sure the paper towel roll is always on the holder which is actually a big pain. Normally, I would let all of these things go (and more). I feel driven to do it, because if I didn't it would drive me nuts and it's all because I'm pregnant. That's my theory anyway...

So, back to the rugs - that first one would go by the couch. The second in the front music room and the last I'd put in the boys' (plural!)  room. Love those stripes.

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