Friday, April 23, 2010

Teepee and Other Misc. Projects

Making one of these is on my list of sewing projects for the boys. Doesn't that look like a fun place to play?

It looks simple enough, I just need to figure out the most cost effective fabric to use - painter's drop cloths, burlap yardage, thrift store sheets? Where to get the bamboo poles?

Lately, I've been thinking about lots of projects that I'd like to get started- however, plans for them invade my mind right when I'm getting ready for bed and then into the middle of the night. Having crafty ideas is really fun, I just wish the inspiration wouldn't strike when I should be sleeping.

Some other projects keeping me up at night include: contouring a bunch of prefolds for the new baby, putting together a night diaper stash for Oliver (the BG 3.0s are leaking on us), replacing all the velcro tabs on our stash of BG's (Cotton Babies sent me 24 kits for free!), making a compost bin, spreading grass seed in the back yard, building some small beds in the front yard and transplanting a few plants, finishing up the hook rack in the laundry room, cleaning out the area under the stairs and making a play area out of it for the kids, installing safety latches on all the cabinets, and culling through and simplifying all of the household chemicals. Whew!

After going to bed last night at 10:00, I think I finally fell asleep around midnight. Perhaps this is why I'm blogging about my list of projects - if I get it all written down, hopefully I won't have to go through it in my head every evening. We'll see....

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Dr. Marty Matlock said...

We used the cheapest stuff we found at the fabric store - muslin, light weight. We washed it first for shrinkage, then made a four panel pattern. We used 1" pvc pipe for the posts, drilling holes at the top and looping string through the holes to tightly hold the posts in place. Kids loved them.